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Product/EP-33F Metal Detectable Earplug with Detectable Cord


EP-33F metal detectable ear plugs are recognized by most metal-sensing systems. The ear plugs each contain an embedded ball bearing and, unlike ordinary metal detectable ear plugs, the cord is impregnated with metal particles, so that even if chopped up, the individual pieces of the cord will still be detected.
These metal detectable ear plugs all prominently feature the official non-food color (blue) in the ear plugs and/or in the cords, making them fully food industry compliant and they also provide the great noise blocking, comfort, and improved hygiene you expect from any disposable foam ear plugs.
• SNR 36dB (EN352-2:2002)
• NRR 32dB (ANSI S3.19-1974)
• CE marked (Meet EU 2016/425)
• Apply in food industry